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Experienced Costs Professionals
Where You'll Feel the Difference

We are one of the Legal Profession's leading Cost Consultancies. Ryan Cost Consultant has been servicing the Legal Profession since its establishment in 1986, since then becoming one of the leading practices in Australia.

Through innovation and valuing the importance of professional qualification we have strived to achieve accurate and expeditious results for our clients. To ensure this we require that our professional staff exemplify the highest standard of professionalism and integrity in their work. As such we require all professional staff to be legally trained as Solicitors or hold the prerequisite qualifications making them eligible to become Solicitors. With innovative technology we undertake to have optimal solutions to you in an expeditious manner. Benefiting from unrivalled experience in all areas of costs law we undertake to tailor a solution that works for you. An integral part of this service is to work closely with our clients so that critical decisions can made at the right time. We believe it is important to have two legal minds involved in the costing decision making matrix, the client, and the Costs Lawyer.


Should you require our services please call us for a free telephone consultation.

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